Find the light

In a world filled with photoshop, we forgett to apprechiate the absolute beauty in the real world. We focus on those stretchmarks or the pimple on our forhead and even the coulors and how they are not good enough. We focus on other people's reactions to our pictures, behavior and even feelings, so much that we forget to apprechiate the absolute beauty in them. The beauty in our pitures with real feelings and colors, the beauty in acting the way that is most natural to us and even the beauty in our ability to feel something because we actually care. Why do we forget about it? Or worse, why do we ignore it?
We as humans or living creatures are unique, we are wonderful. We should smile each and every day because no matter how dark a day or phrase is, there will always be a light to find. There is always something beautiful in every picture. Keep that in mind, because we all create our society, and if we all try to find the light in every day then together we will have found enough light to light up an entire city. Try to wake up with a smile on your lips, and use that light to guide your way through the darkness.
To prove the beauty in every picture, none of these will be edited. 
 Camera: Canon EOS 5d Mark III