#1 Kozarac

 Kozarac was the first stop in Bosnia for us. My aunt has a house here and it is one beautiful small "city." My interest of finding several memorialplaces probably begun by visiting this place. My aunt's husband showed us the cemetairy that you can see below. All of the 1500 graves are civilians that came to be victims during the war. A few days earlier they had also found a 4 year old girl's body who had been brutaly murdured during the war, which probably was the reason for this trip to become such an important visit. 
You can see a small building on picture #3 and the thing that is so special about it is that all of the victims names are litterally written in stone inside this house. I do not seem to be able to find the pictures of the inside so I can't show you them but what I can show you is another building's inside. This is picture #7 and it is also containing a number of people's names who came to die as victims during the war. The Building is placed in the center of Kozarac basically.You can see the building's outside on picture #8. I did not take any pictures of it in the dark but it looks amazing with all of the lights. If you want to see the outside with all of the lights then you can just google "Kozarac memorial" and you will find a few pictures of it.
I do not really know what more to write but I want you to remember that you can't see all of the graves and just to remember that the amount of graves that are placed here, are not even 20% of the graves that are placed in Srebrenica.