Freedom was seeked even though it might not have been achieved

As an unknown stranger attacked its territory the animal threw himself around trying to approach this unknown creature. Wondering why the presence was necessary, the animal was eager to determine whether this stranger was a threat or not. A black box with clicking sounds was held between the animal and the stranger, and that made the animal even more curious. What could this undetected black box possibly be? Would the animal be aware of the fact that this particular expression would be captured and kept alive for years to come? With shimmering eyes, they all look deep into the black box with the clicking sounds and as a result, their beauty will now be shared with every individual who studies these photographs. 

Found by the nearest socialisation of trees

As one occasionally chooses to only observe the entire object, one would also have to face the consequences of not noticing the details. This destructive behavior forces one to ignore important or sometimes beautiful microscopically small details. Acnologing those tiny raindrops resting on the leaves of the blue flower, but also noticing that the blue flower is not only blue but also dark red and involves a sprinkle of purple. It would all have been forgotten about and even worse - not even seen if it was not for the one who realizes that details are important. Through the darkness, one will find small pieces of light.  

Wild spirits living as captives

The fire in their eyes would be enough to keep the firefighters busy for hours, but they are still being kept behind high bars or tied to brick walls. Curious about what the visitor's intentions are, while also wondering if they can make themselves interesting enough for the visitors to want to offer them a treat. One accepts the stranger to enter the personal space, while the other worries about them being a threat not only to its personal space but also to its territory. Both keeping their heads held high even though the actions are of completely different reasons.