About my visit in Bosnia

Me, my sister, my father and my cousin went on a vacation, which lasted about three weeks. We started by visiting one cousin in Switzerland in a city which name I can’t remember. After that we visited my other cousin in Bern. Another two days were spent there and then we were of to Bosnia 

The first city we went to is called Kozarac. It is a beautiful, small city. Everything is within walking distance from my aunt’s house. There were pools, restaurants different kinds of markets, nice people and memorial places.

Before we went on our trip I had been talking to my father about going to different memorial places in Bosnia. I have read a lot about the war in Yugoslavia 1991-1995 and I started getting really interested in everything that had to do with it. My father promised me that we would visit some important places and Kozarac is one of them.

My aunts husband, let’s call him Mr. Y, showed us a cemetery. This cemetery is very different from any other cemetery I’ve ever visited. This one contains about 1800 innocent victims. 1800 civilians.

I will tell you more about that in another text but I just wanted you to understand what you will see here the next few days. There will be a lot of pictures that are connected to the war, and that is simply because I got so interested in all of it, but also because I’ve heard so many people speaking about it without any knowledge behind them. I will refuse to listen to more lies and instead I will tell you all about what I’ve learned and about every truth I know. I’ve also interviewed a man about a specific time in his life, which I am deeply sorry that he had to go through, but I am also very grateful that he shared it with me so that I can share it with you.

To sum it all up, I have a lot to write about, a lots of pictures to show you and many stories to tell you all about. I hope that you’ll enjoy it. I can at least give you a picture I took in Bern, Switerland.


It is time for some changes

After three weeks of travelling around in Balkan, but also Schwitzerland, I made a decision. I decided that this blog was going to be avalible for anyone that knows english. I'm not perfect so yes, it will contain flaws but that is just the way it is. I also decided that I will start using the blog more, which is something I've thought about for a long time but I wasn't ready then. I would say that I'm ready now because through this entire trip, my camera has been in my hand, weather it has been in the city, on a mountain or on a weadding it has been with me. 
The purpouse of this blog is mostly to share some of my photos but it will soon contain some stories with the pictures. True stories that you might never have heard of. I have some work to do with the pictures and stories before they will be published but it will come one day.
If you do not know what Pictures for Cancer is then you should read this:
Pictures for Cancer is a project I started in 2014. The purpouse of the project is that people will pay for my photos but I decided to not take the money, instead I give 100% to the childrens cancerfond. If you have any other questions then you could just comment or contact me by using the information below (you can of course do this in Swedish or English, that is all your choice!)
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Stay tuned!